Hurricane Katrina

Pfft who remembers Hurricane Katrina anymore?
"My friend works as a fork lift Operator at Budweiser in Fort. Collins, CO. Every once in a while he gets something interesting. This is canned water that Bud sent to the Katrina Victims."
Sexy Hurricane Katrina!
"Mardi Gras boat parade float."
"Lakeside mall in New Orleans."
I feel bad for girls named Katrina.
Over the past 48 hours we've looked at a lot of great Halloween pictures, so it's a pretty big deal when we hand over the 2005 "Most Offensive Costume" award.
My grandpappy built this restaurant in 1941 with a simple idea - that people would love to eat at a seafood restaurant whose mascot is a lobster in a cowboy hat. Now I don't care what everyone keeps saying, we're not changing a thing and that includes our

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