Something Seems A Bit Off With These ID Cards
    Cat ID Card
    Best Student I.D. Card Ever
    I mean you no harm.
    "My friends and I uploaded a picture about three years ago. My friend told our school that he had pink eye and mono, so he had to wear an eye patch and mask in his picture. Somehow, they bought it. Now, three years later, his little brother carried on the
    College - the death of innocence.
    "Ma'am can i see your ID? Oh may go."
    At least he's not sticking out his tongue.
    "My friends and I were watching Eddie Murphy's Delirious and there is a part of his stand up where he makes fun of Chinese people. This was basically my impression of Eddie Murphy's impression." It's not offensive if someone else did it first!
    Just ate a smurf.
    His school stole their mascot from Bayside.

    Nothing found...

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