Watching other people do insane, awesome, dangerous stuff that you can't do - though, wait, maybe you can do that? - is the world's favorite pastime. (And, no, you shouldn't try that at home. You will fail.)

    Google Earth: The Salvador Dali of the web
    The best rapper/animal/pun mashup you'll ever see
    The 10 Best Presidential Impressions
    This kid's gonna hold so many hands with these skills
    Play Beethoven and World of Warcraft, at the same time!
    Legos, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, AND cake?
    Go west, Lloyd
    Lego my iconic Nirvana album
    Mario and Star Wars together? This'll never work.
    A positive spin on 'The United States Of Fail'
    This is the chart Michael Bay has clearly never seen

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