Watching other people do insane, awesome, dangerous stuff that you can't do - though, wait, maybe you can do that? - is the world's favorite pastime. (And, no, you shouldn't try that at home. You will fail.)

Floor Chess
Chain-Surfing Dog
Snow Bong
Neverending Volleyball Volley
Crow Sleds Down Roof
Best Handball Goal of the Year
Crazy Cricket Catch
Smart Electronics Thief Evades Security Cameras
4-Year-Old Dinosaur Expert Debunks Triceratops Toy
Amazing First Basket for NBA Rookie
First Ever Snowboard Triple Rodeo Flip
Snoop Dogg on The Price is Right
Epic Six-Pass Pool Basketball Shot
Getting Stuck Sodas from the Vending Machine Like a Boss
Dog Wearing Pants Handstand Walks Down Stairs
Masturbation World Champion

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