International Relations

Following WWII and the Cold War, the United States became the dominant superpower of the world. If we were to actually have a superpower, it'd most likely be the ability to invade a country and set up a massive military base before leaving. If only we chose invisibility like our Canadian friends up north. Nowadays, we keep ourselves busy worrying about China's meteoric rise to supremacy while hypocritically bashing other countries who want to acquire nuclear weapons of their own. The U.S. government does give foreign aid to a number of countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Israel. And since our recent war with Iraq has come to a close, we can focus on more important international issues - making sure our students abroad have a better chance of hooking up with foreigners.[[[readmore]]] *Staying on Top:* Much like sex, being on top in international diplomacy requires energy, concentration and a willingness to be criticized by those you are fucking. *America:* #1!* *Number represents ranking for hot dog consumption and diabetes rates in children born to unwed mothers.

    Professor GIF: The Gaza Crisis Explained In 3 Facts and 16 GIFs

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