He's christianity's favorite main character, from the most popular book of all time: The Bible. God put him on this Earth then he gave us wine and Christmas. Jesus Christ, what a guy.

    Which way to the book store?
    You'd think the enormous cross near the pornography store would be a huge conflict, but it actually serves as great promotion for "The Passion Of The Christ Gets Everywhere."
    Now there's someone that must really like Jesus.
    Dog-Jesus can also turn water into another dog's ass.
    You guys are mean.
    "Notice the phone numbers."
    Nice tie.
    What the hell's a zammjt?
    That's one hell of an abortion.
    "I asked Jesus 'How much do you love me?'  'This much!' he answered. Then he stretched out his arms and died." We get that joke in the text submissions all the time, and I usually consider it offensive.
    Spinners, spoiler, and savior.

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