jimmy mcmillan

The rent is too damn high and this guy is entirely way too comfortable leaving the house looking the way he does. A political activist, Vietnam veteran, private investigator, karate expert, and former postal worker, Jimmy McMillan is a jack of all trades--even though he is widely considered to be nothing more than a one-policy joker. He may not have much of a chance in the 2012 election, but when you compare it to his 1993 run for Mayor of New York, where he doused himself in gasoline, tied himself to a tree, and climbed the Brooklyn Bridge, his campaign is going rather well. [[[readmore]]] *Is He Real?:* While strange to most Americans, Jimmy McMillan is only a 6 out of 10 on the scale of weird ass people who live in New York City. *Facial Hair:* We haven’t had a president with facial hair since Taft. It’s time to bring it back. As God is my witness, I will get the mutton-chop-goatee back in the White House, even if I have to make Obama grow one himself.

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