Jobs were defined as “daily duties one is tasked with completing in return for monetary compensation.” Though scarce now, jobs were once plentiful and provided the American public with money to buy food and enjoy leisure-time activities. Being that we are a nostalgic culture, Americans have expressed a desire to create and hold more jobs, making this a central topic of the 2012 election. [[[readmore]]] *The Baby Boomer Dilemma:* One issue occurring in the job market now is that the overcrowded Baby Boomer generation is not retiring and allowing younger generations to fill their spots in the workforce. As punishment, the younger generations are not moving out of their Baby Boomer parents’ houses and allowing them to finally turn their rooms into macrame stations like they’ve always wanted. *Walmart:* Has to be part of the problem, right? We’re almost sure they had something to do with this whole mess. [[[readmore]]] *The Internet:* One sector experiencing growth in the slumping job market is technology, specifically Internet companies (like this one!). With a degree in communications, a 10-day beard, and a few jargon-y terms, you, too, could be hired to correct typos on a page like this for almost $25,000 a year! The future is yours for the begging.

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