The smaller things are the cuter they are. That's why kids are the most adorable people. Sure, they get into trouble sometimes, but that's part of growing up. And that's why we don't usually try children as adults. Every little boy and little girl is someone's son or daughter.

    Baby Hates Mom's Singing Voice
    Flower Girl Enforces Quiet
    Baby Acts As Plate At Dinner
    Kid Hangs With Two Sexy Ladies
    Little Kid's Pussy Wagon
    Little Bobby's Drunk Again Children's Book
    Pole Dancer and Daughter
    Pedobear Crosswalk
    Lily's Disneyland Surprise
    Creepy Old Man in Bunny Ears
    How to Fight a Werewolf
    Kid and Dog Lightsaber Battle
    Badass Kid Walks Away from Explosion
    Little Flower Girl Hates Litter
    Ronald McDonald Makes Child Cry

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