The smaller things are the cuter they are. That's why kids are the most adorable people. Sure, they get into trouble sometimes, but that's part of growing up. And that's why we don't usually try children as adults. Every little boy and little girl is someone's son or daughter.

    Kid Overly Excited about Yu-Gi-Oh! Scrapbook
    Guy Relaxes While Pulling Swing with Rope
    Kid Proud of Farting in Mom's Lap
    Little Girl Over-Cuddles Cat
    Three Kids on One Leash
    Child with Ice Cream Up Her Nose
    Cops Surround Little Kid on Bike
    Awesome Rocker Kid Poses for Camera
    Distressed Kid Covered in Lorikeets
    Large man powerhouse kicks small teenage girl
    Young Hannibal Lecter
    Book Cautions Against Driving through Line of Children
    Kids Admire the Majestic Hasselhoff
    The RNC Isn't Sure What Latinos Look Like
    Dinosaur Office: Bring Your Child to Work Day

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