The smaller things are the cuter they are. That's why kids are the most adorable people. Sure, they get into trouble sometimes, but that's part of growing up. And that's why we don't usually try children as adults. Every little boy and little girl is someone's son or daughter.

    Yoda Baby Head Warmer
    Cute Little Swearing Girl
    Demon Child Hearts Satan
    Balloon Brigade
    Kid Gets Flustered and Gives up on Jeopardy
    Little Jumbotron Kid Does Awesome Thriller Dance
    Kid Student Loves Hoes
    Little Kickboxers Kick Ass
    No Parenting Sign
    Girl Scout Arsonist
    Dead Slow Children Crossing
    Cat Licks Boy's Head for Over 9 Minutes
    Kids Unwrap Military Dad Present
    Adorable Kid Overlord
    Kid Jumps Moving Car

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