The smaller things are the cuter they are. That's why kids are the most adorable people. Sure, they get into trouble sometimes, but that's part of growing up. And that's why we don't usually try children as adults. Every little boy and little girl is someone's son or daughter.

    Little kids slugging it out=comedy gold
    There's no way he's growing up normal
    Please be fake: Camp Okutta
    "Say, 'I love zambonis!'"
    Big wheels keep on turning
    Classic video: spinny playground kid
    Please be fake: kids concentration camps
    That's not very politically correct
    The way he was standing, there was really no choice
    Please be fake: medical adoptions
    Aussies know exactly where their priorities are
    Grand Theft Auto 4: the coloring book
    EATTHEFAT didn't fit.
    Her parents seem surprisingly unfazed

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