The smaller things are the cuter they are. That's why kids are the most adorable people. Sure, they get into trouble sometimes, but that's part of growing up. And that's why we don't usually try children as adults. Every little boy and little girl is someone's son or daughter.

    Black Ops Freak Out
    Little Girl Wants to Be Like Aunt
    Kids Gets ATHF Tattoo
    Baby Knows what Admiral Ackbar Says
    Little Kid Rocks Dance Central on Hard
    Little Ponies, Big Bass
    Baby vs. Dog vs. Camera Staring Contest
    This Baby's the Shit
    Baby Eating Foot
    Four-Second Facebook Prank
    Social Worker Wanted Facebook Ad
    Hardly Working: Business Kids
    Creepy Back to the Future 3 Kid
    Little Kid Owns Dance Floor
    Girl Wants to go to Disneyland

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