LGBT Rights

A hot button issue in this year’s presidential election is gay marriage. Should gay people be allowed to get married? Are efforts to ban gay marriage a case of church policies bleeding into state policies? Yes and yes. Gay people should obviously be allowed to get married. Weddings are pretty much the gayest parties in the world and absolutely everyone should have the right to get too drunk to have sex with their spouse on their wedding night. Or, more likely, get too drunk and open envelopes to see if you made back the cost of the venue, music, invitations and photographer. [[[readmore]]] *But I Don’t Like It!:* Too bad. Welcome to America, land of people who are forced to deal with other people’s shit. *But Gay People Annoy Me!:* No, the people on Bravo annoy you. Those aren’t gay people. Those are gay people doing really bad impressions of gay people.

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