The goverment is lieing to us every day!
I hope they don't counterfeit money.
Looks like a left to me.
"I submitted this a year ago, but it was hard to read when re-sized. Give a brother another chance. Or at least give a pale, Irish guy another chance. Do you know how often I use your site for masturbatory needs? I'm pretty sure I'm single-handely keeping
"What the hell happened last night, Nate?"
Get it? There's no hill.
Lies! They're all lies!
Well they showed that sign who was boss.
Warning: this picture is not very interesting.
I imagine that this door is 30 stories up and in the exterior wall of the hotel, so when you open it you just stare foward confused for a second before you plummet to the ground. It's good to one of these in case there's some sort of emergency, like a fre
Then how come I can read it!?
One of these two signs is not telling the truth.
"No wonder its hard to find a spot in Boston."

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