It was a little too sticky.
    Tulane students report on a crippling weed shortage
    It runs on sour diesel.
    Leave the weed out of this! Take me instead!
    Stoners!  Your dreams have come true
    I'm so ripped. Hey you know what I could go for? OATMEAL! I'm totally craving some oatmeal. That's a weird word isn't it? Oatmeal. Oatmeaaaal. Oaaaaaaaaatmeeeal.
    Students have over 100 words for pot.
    High Times Editorial Office: Episode 3
    High Times Editorial Office: Episode 2
    Jake and Amir: Brownies
    "I blanked on the "Idols of the tribe" so I drew the picture of the Indians dancing around a fire. When I got the exam back not only had i gotten credit for the drawing but the professor added a drawing of a Mushroom shaped bong. I asked  him about it and
    See? Going to class high can be productive.
    They've got pumpkin flavored beer, so why not?

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