mario kart

    No girlfriends for Princess.
    "Combining two of the greatest games ever invented."
    Oh great, girls found out about Mario Kart.
    If Real Life Were More Like Cartoons II
    If Real Life Were More Like Cartoons
    Even more Mario Kart costumes.
    "We had inflatable cars, fake shells to throw at eachother- and we raced in the streets." Why do the kids in videogame costumes always have marijuana posters on the wall?
    Mario Kart 64 tournament on the front of a house."
    Georgetown Halloween 2004 - Mario Kart style
    "We obtained an old projector from the college for a project and hooked our tv, dvd, and gamecube up to it.  it is over 9' diagonal and the only way to play mariokart!"

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