Frankly we're not even sure what a meme IS. Is it like a poster, but for the web?! All we know is we've been taking the advice animals literally and things have never been worse. We've got memes from tumblr, twitter, reddit. We've got funny memes, sad memes and sexy memes. We've also got way too much time on our hands.

    Sweet Brown Has Her Own Yankee Candle Scent
    Well, Dogs in Pantyhose is a Thing
    The Internet Summed Up In One Massive, Meme-tacular Poster
    17 Pictures of "Darth Vadering"
    Vadering 4
    My Boo Caught Me Sleeping (Dog Edition)
    Good Guy Homeless Hatchet Hitchhiker Valentine
    Te'oing 5
    Quentin Tarantino is Actually Ten Guy Meme Grown Up
    Tommy Lee Jones is Actually Grumpy Cat in Disguise
    Guy Artfully Reenacts Ikea Monkey
    Grumpy Cat Sings Jingle Bells
    Ermahgerd Captcha
    President Obama and McKayla Maroney Are Not Impressed

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