Dear God, Florida, Now You Have Herpes Monkeys?
    Chimp Didn't Choose The Thug Life, The Thug Life Chose Him
    Temple Run IRL
    Inquisitive George Visits a Hospital
    Hey, Everyone, Look! A Gorilla That Looks Like Jimmy Carter
    New Pope Discovered
    Chimpanzee Is Trying to Holla
    Monkey is All I DO NOT Look Like That
    Monkey Riding a Border Collie Pays Mountain Goat a Visit
    Monkeys Steal Hub Caps
    Porn Star James Deen Also Pays Tribute to Ikea Monkey
    Hot Girl Gets Tattoo of Ikea Monkey
    Monkeys Blending In Quite Well
    Ecce Homo Ikea Monkey
    Best News Headline of the Year?

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