Ever since the first motion picture, films have told some of our greatest visual stories. Next time you're in a movie theatre, raise a bag of popcorn to the wonder that is cinema.

    This is Paul Giamatti's worst decision since "Fred Claus."
    Better hope your car don't break down here, boy.
    Nana-Nananananana-Nananananana-Nana eye-brows!
    The Internet gives movies their proper titles
    The Evolution Of An M. Night Shyamalan Fan
    Check out the comic book rack on that one!
    Scott Peterson's name showed up in the list of convicts from "Demolition Man." The movie came out in 1993, the trial happened in 2003. I knew that movie was before its time!
    9 Things Us 90's Kids Realize Now (Part II)

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