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Just because MTV stopped playing music videos at reasonable hours doesn't mean people stopped making them. Whether official or fan-made, songs still need video tributes.

    "I Really Like You" Without Music (Carly Rae Jepsen)
    The Ultimate Number Pi Song (Sweet Number Pi)
    Downton Funk (Uptown Funk / Downton Abbey Mash-Up)
    Unsexy Naked Time (Music Video)
    All I Want For Christmas Is Cash (Mariah Carey Parody)
    America Sucks Less is Your New National Anthem
    Bruno Mars - Gorilla (Chinchilla Edition)
    Jake and Amir: Album
    Wish I Had a Portal Gun
    The Ultimate Internet Love Song
    We Ruined This Bar (Ke$ha Parody)
    Hate Weird Facebook Guys (Eminem Parody)
    Summer of Music: Dance Clubs Are The Worst
    Anatomically Correct Slow Jam
    If I Were a Bro

    If I Were a Bro

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