music video

Just because MTV stopped playing music videos at reasonable hours doesn't mean people stopped making them. Whether official or fan-made, songs still need video tributes.

    "Every TV Show Uses Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah" Music Video
    "Let's Just Be Friends" Music Video
    Wish I Had a Portal Gun
    Parry Gripp: "Body Spray"
    WTF Bad CGI Music Video
    WTF Music Video with James Franco
    Stop Motion Terminator 2 Music Video
    Southwestern Chinese Peasant Music Video
    Golf Pro Boy Band
    Whole Foods Parking Lot Rap
    Violent Toy Warfare Music Video
    Vancouverian National Anthem
    "I Don't Want to be a Crappy Housewife" Music Video
    I Steal Pets

    Nothing found...

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