Napoleon Dynamite

    "Learn Chunk Kwon Do with my 1 keg program"
    Do you think Napoleon Dynamite is funny to Iraqis?
    "The license plate reads "RICO84."
    The Urban Dictionary defines 0wn3d as "half-leet, 1337 1/2( 1. belief of actually overcoming and surpassing and/or defeating an individual, shown in last word/ 2. declarance of victory or superiority by a third individual 3.compliment, not title given to
    "I met Dominic Ranz Ebarle Errazo (Spelling Bee Kid) at Walmart in Goose Creek, SC.  I took my pictures with him with my camra phone. He was a really cool kid and I got to talk with him and his mom!" I can't beleive he walks around in a Vote For Pedro shi
    Vowned for Pedro.
    I already made like infinity of those.

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