Forests, canyons, lakes, mountains, sky. Unite! Nature has brought us all the beauty and terror a world could ask for. Sure global warming will doom us all, but you could say the same of an asteroid or meteor hitting Earth. Nature happens.

Starfish Does Not Approve
Jake and Amir: Mountain Hiker Part 2 (with Ben Schwartz)
Wakeboarding on Icebergs in Alaska
Tiger Hug
Jake and Amir: Mountain Hiker Part 1 (with Ben Schwartz)
Cat Makes Alligator his Bitch
Hidden Rock Babe
Dick Tree
Beach Dad Wears Son as a Hat
Bacon and Egg Sunrise
Motorcycling on Mountaintops
Slippery Weather Boobs
Beyonce Bathing Suit Bottom
Sea Turtle High Five
First-Person Danger Biking
Death Defying Inner Tube Rider

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