This just in: It's important to stay up to date on current events. Without the news, most of us would be uninformed on breaking stories and other noteworthy information, like which anchor or reporter dropped an "f-bomb" on live television.

Reporter Gets His Black Guys Confused
Brian Williams on Donald Trump's Tweets
Teacher Dresses as French Maid to Encourage Hard Work
Invisible Weatherman
Brown Student Trolls Reporter About Hurricane
Hurricane Sandy Advice
Shirtless Hurricane Horse-Man on Live TV
Pro Reporter Gets Nailed by Baseball
Logo Designer Gets a Bit Subliminal
Destiny Brought Her Here
Bad People Look Different
The Weather Predicts Slippery Nip...I Mean Conditions
College Gameday Sign
Breaking News: Man Stuck in Trash Can
Man Accused Of Attacking Wife With Sandwich
News Reveals Racist Sandwich

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