This just in: It's important to stay up to date on current events. Without the news, most of us would be uninformed on breaking stories and other noteworthy information, like which anchor or reporter dropped an "f-bomb" on live television.

    Destiny Brought Her Here
    The Weather Predicts Slippery Nip...I Mean Conditions
    Bad People Look Different
    College Gameday Sign
    Breaking News: Man Stuck in Trash Can
    Man Accused Of Attacking Wife With Sandwich
    News Reveals Racist Sandwich
    News Feed History of the World: September 2012
    Missing Person Labeled Captain Sandwich
    Reporter Labeled "White Ho"
    The Best Freelance Position Ever
    Big Bearded Guy Kisses News Reporter
    Sal Rizzo Took Picture of Naked Guy
    Dude Pees in Reservoir
    Wanted: Someone to Chew Hay for Horse

    Nothing found...

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