This just in: It's important to stay up to date on current events. Without the news, most of us would be uninformed on breaking stories and other noteworthy information, like which anchor or reporter dropped an "f-bomb" on live television.

    K-Strass: Pro Yo-Yo Imposter on his Dark Past
    Undeniable Proof Bigfoot Exists
    A pitch perfect newscast
    Bus Flipping Whoopsie-Doodle on the News
    BP Spills Coffee
    His t-shirt should be submitted as evidence.
    Breaking News: There Are No Tornadoes in Space
    South America. South Africa. What's. The. Diff?
    Rapping Weatherman
    Reporter Terrible at Stealing Cars
    Teen Wolves
    Richard Simmons Interrupts Live News Broadcast
    GREAT news: it cures cancer.

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