Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich is a former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, wannabe moonman, and quitter in the race for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination. As a speaker, Gingrich provided America with a government shutdown, a failed attempt to remove President Clinton from office, and behavior that inspired the House Ethics Committee to file 84 ethics charges against him. While he shares the same giant head as the late Senator Ted Kennedy, their ideologies couldn’t be any more different--except when it comes to dying women. He also got bit by a penguin, which is a real thing that really happened. [[[readmore]]] *Do the Math:* When Gingrich was 19, he married his former high school math teacher. So, he probably doesn’t actually know geometry. And that comes up a lot in life (according to my high school geometry teacher). *Stance on the Sanctity of Marriage:* Hypocritical (x3). *Education Policy:* Sexy.

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