More Exciting Nintendo desktops.
    Not quite a PowerGlove, but good enough.
    "Someone submitted a picture of their Nintendo PC back in April...I'd say we've done them one better here. Yes, it plays DVDs, the controllers still work, and that is Mario 3 on the screen."
    Nintendo Power
    "John Kerry: Don Flamenco's long lost brother"
    Who says Nintendo is out of date?
    Here's a couple pages from my friend's "Power Glove instruction booklet. Glove Master?  Little Digit?  Maybe it's just me, but this seems a lot more homoerotic now than it did when I was in third grade."Reading the Introductio
    "i saw you bad dudes pic, it was from the NES version. this is from the arcade version of bad dudes, it seems funnier because it mentions president ronnie"

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