old people

They're adorable, shrunken, smelly, grumpy, and probably pretty racist, but we love old people. But, no, grandma, we're not going over to change the channel on your TV again.

    "This man was in the drive-thru at a tobacco store on a riding lawn mower, towing what appeared to be his mother in a rocking chair and a night gown.  It's a miracle I was able to capture this on film."
    Real Facebook ads for old people
    She's gone mad, someone tranq her.
    How My Friends and I Appear to My Grandpa
    Awww, how cute. They're trying to duel
    Senior Citizen Video Games
    Grandma fell right into her trap.
    This is where the magic happens.
    What an embarrassing tan line!
    Oswald Henderson: A Life

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