old people

They're adorable, shrunken, smelly, grumpy, and probably pretty racist, but we love old people. But, no, grandma, we're not going over to change the channel on your TV again.

    "Pledge class Vegas scavenger hunt task."
    When adults go back to college.
    "Found this in a chest in my grandmother's garage."
    "My buddy Rocking Rob drinking with his grandparents."
    No underhand bullshit!
    I've been popping my collar ever since I learned the lindy hop. Of course those days we didn't call it popping your collar, we called it flipping your goof! That's a funny story in and of itself, it all began when I met your grandfather...
    Grandma, you are fucking terrible at this.
    We were born, born to be wild.

    Nothing found...

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