old people

They're adorable, shrunken, smelly, grumpy, and probably pretty racist, but we love old people. But, no, grandma, we're not going over to change the channel on your TV again.

    What, is he waiting for the bus?
    Best Spring Break picture yet.
    "I knew I should have stopped after number five."
    How can you see inside my nightmares?
    A scene from the worst horror movie ever.
    "This old lady kicks ass."
    Guess which one is the 'crazy' uncle.
    "The guy driving is at least 75. Viagra?"
    "I saw Blue! He was glorious!"
    Drunk Grannys...
    My Friend D passed out in a club in Las Vegas and couldn't walk home so the Security guard got us a wheelchair to get him to the room.  Random Older couple by the elevator that didn't speak any English was more then happy to pose for the pic
    "Never Underestimate Senior Citizens"

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