"Never Underestimate Senior Citizens"
I guess it took 87 years to finally figure this out.
"This guy decides to come up to us on the beach and ask us for the time.... I swore it was a joke... but no... this guy was hung like a horse and wasn't afraid to show it."
"Watch out for old people wearing Air Force Ones"
"This was after the Baltimore Orioles played the Cleveland Indians at Camden Yard.  This 60 year old man obviously thought he had a great ass or something.  Best picture I've ever taken and I was right behind him on the escalator.  I aint scurred."
"These old people saw my penis and couldn't resist."
You're never too old...
This sure is uplifiting and respectful...  Riiight.
You gotta check him out, he's sooo old!
Grandmothers on Spring Break...

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