old people

They're adorable, shrunken, smelly, grumpy, and probably pretty racist, but we love old people. But, no, grandma, we're not going over to change the channel on your TV again.

    Old Man Wears Presumptuous Sweatshirt
    Grandfather Ensures He'll Never Get Lost
    Some Sad Signs
    Old Lady Wears "Who Wants to Fucking Party?" Hat
    Elderly Woman Tries to Touch Up Painting of Jesus, Fails
    Old Lady Drinks Liquor from Beer Bong
    Old Lady with Drink, Cigarette, Baby Orangutan
    Old Lady Sitting in Shopping Cart
    Old Asian Man Dressed as School Girl
    Old Lady in Electric Wheelchair Pushes Girl in Chair
    The Old Man from "Up" IRL
    Old Woman Ruins Picture by Scooting Through It
    Cemetery Labeled as Senior Citizen Facility
    Old Woman Displeased with Elvis Impersonator
    Old Man on Bike Surrounded by Beauty Pageant Contestants

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