Well, that's somewhat positive, right?
Who said Creed wouldn't leave their mark on history?
Think this is cute? He's in 10th grade.
Work - something my teacher doesn't do.
The word you're looking for is "baller."
Rhymes with nice.
You've gotta give him half credit on that one.
That's only a five point question?
Here's an equation, Trogdor = the burninator.
"I was kinda surprised he knew what I was talking about."
"The TA is not a Suns fan."
"I blanked on the "Idols of the tribe" so I drew the picture of the Indians dancing around a fire. When I got the exam back not only had i gotten credit for the drawing but the professor added a drawing of a Mushroom shaped bong. I asked  him about it and

Nothing found...

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