Faceplants, broken ankles, shattered shinbones: Whether pre-meditated or not, we should all thank those who undergo pain, and the people who capture them on camera, because it's their physical fails that make our lives seem better.

    Dire Consequences: Shock Collar Twilight Trivia
    Alternate Mad Men Intros
    Pop Star Parenting
    Asteroids Cast
    Ke$ha's Metal Hair
    Australian Sunburn
    Girl About to Get Hit with Nerf Dart
    Gauze vs. Gos
    Girlfriend Stuck in Pullout Couch
    Sleep Button of Doom
    Wounded Hand Dryer
    Cat and Girl Are Hungover
    Guy Takes Hammer of Friendship to the Face
    Google Maps Trip Planner
    Babe Kicks Football into Lucky Guy's Face

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