Home of the most savage burns, epic failures and maybe some Tim Allen 'Home Improvement' bloopers. Just kidding on that last one, we actually WANT you to visit this page. Sorry, Tim.

    The Worst Sunburn in the World Looks Like a T-Shirt
    Painful Balance Beam Trick Fail
    Parkour Hardcore Car Fail
    Cake Wants You to Fail
    Man Gets Icy Hot Revenge on Wife
    The Ultimate Pain Challenge in the World
    Painful Museum
    Girl Air Mattress Launch Fail
    Guy Completely Wipes Out on News
    Girl in Bikini Smacks Guy in Face with Paddle
    Oil Splashes Can Burn and Then You Will Die Lonely
    Free Key Cleaner
    No Senior Citizen Discount
    McDonald's is Now Hiring Losers
    Assisted Backflip Fail

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