Home of the most savage burns, epic failures and maybe some Tim Allen 'Home Improvement' bloopers. Just kidding on that last one, we actually WANT you to visit this page. Sorry, Tim.

    Dog Moments Away from Biting Own Balls
    Large man powerhouse kicks small teenage girl
    Guy Wipes out on Segway
    Boxer Punches Himself in the Face
    Kid on Toy Car Knocked over by Small Dog
    Cheerleader Kicks Self in Head, Falls Over
    Guy Moments Away from Wiping out on Bike
    V-Neck Sunburn
    Hedgehog Bites Girl's Nose
    Girl Faceplants On Back Of Shopping Cart
    Swing Beats Up Kid
    Tipping Stack of Chairs into Pool Goes Horribly Wrong
    Man Puts Icy Hot on Wife's Vibrator
    Literal Faceplant
    Gymnast Knocks Over Sawhorse, Causes Gymnast Pile-Up

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