Faceplants, broken ankles, shattered shinbones: Whether pre-meditated or not, we should all thank those who undergo pain, and the people who capture them on camera, because it's their physical fails that make our lives seem better.

Police Officer Can't Be Stopped
Man Fits 800 Straws in his Mouth
Lame Motorcycle Trick Causes Car Crash
Girl Rope Swings her Face into the Ground
Hero Guy Eats Two Habanero Peppers and a Tube of Icy/Hot
Dog Doesn't Believe In Self Enough to Jump Over Bush
Arm Wrestling Girl Breaks Arm
Extreme Parking
Dog Hit in Balls with Ball
Japanese WTF Machine Gun Butt Girl
Adorable High Speed Highway Longboarding Fail
Angry Customer Sends Comcast Gift
Sister Extracts Tooth with Mini Motorcycle
Soldiers Answer Simple Questions in Tear Gas
Water Jet Pack Fail

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