passed out

Whether you swear you were just resting your eyes, taking a power nap, or passed out cold, one thing is for certain: if you're doing it in front of your friends, they're going to mess with you.

    "The kid upstairs passed out drunk, a few of my friends decided to fuck with his head and fill the room with all the newspaper in the hall, along with taking everything out from under him"
    Talk about piss drunk!
    Who passes out throwing the shocker???
    "One of my brothers after a good nite of drinking."
    Get the sharpie!!!
    A photo summation of the 21st birthday
    "I went to brush my teeth at about 3am, and they were lying in the guy's bathroom. Naturally i couldn't pass up the photo opportunity. (They were ok, by the way)"
    It kind of sucks that this chick's 15 minutes of fame not only show her face-down in a pile of her own puke, but also will leave everyone fantasizing about her wonderful ass.

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