passed out

Whether you swear you were just resting your eyes, taking a power nap, or passed out cold, one thing is for certain: if you're doing it in front of your friends, they're going to mess with you.

    How the Zebra got it's stripes.
    This isn't funny! He had to go to the hospital!
    Unless she starts puking out her fingers, we're covered.
    I don't have to pee, you carry him to his bed.
    A true friend - "My friend got some weird virus that made his stomach swell up to the size of a basketball.  During his morphine induced coma I realized I needed a new facebook picture."
    "This is what I saw when I walked in the room."
    At least he wasn't driving.
    CSI was not required to crack this case.
    Don't worry, there's a hole in the back of his pants.
    A Five-Step Guide to Blacking Out
    Ummmm you have some stomach in your hair.
    Well, as long as she's not passed out in the deep end.

    Nothing found...

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