"I dressed as Stephen Colbert for Halloween.  I made a way too elaborate "C" shaped desk.  I used twine and safety pins to keep it suspended around me all night.  Also, I held The Word sign up all night.  That is, until I passed out on my couch."
A simple, yet disgusting, shaming.
Parker!? Spider-Man is Peter Parker?
"So we went to our local taco shop.  My friend, who is blackout drunk, decides to get naked and run around. He passed out on the hood just as we got our food. There were about 3 cars behind us, and the lady working the drive thru was laughing her ass off.
Is she holding the keys? Was she trying to drive?
"My buddy Charlie decided to invite some fat girls back to our hotel room. As soon as they showed up one passed out on the floor between the wall and the bed and the other on the bed face down, ass in the air. They wouldn't wake up so we took one's dignit
Alright you guys, get out or lay down.
Here's hoping the guys she lives with have great aim.
"Don't give your wasted friend a police baton."
Beer goggles strikes again.

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