Ahhh the joys of motherhood.
    Tink, you know I can't go when you're looking.
    I [heart] beer, written in beer.
    "My roommate and I were at a party and all these frat-tastic fucks were playing beer pong. Annoyed by polo shirts and popped collars, my roommate grabbed a cup. After pissing into the cup outside, he switched the water/rinse cup with the pee cup. Here is
    Come on, get up! Pee and rally!
    Dwyer, take a chill pill. Relax man, it's college!
    If peeing your pants is cool, this guy's Miles Davis.
    "We filled up 50 bottles of piss during the first half of our first semester at college and kept them in our room. We were too lazy to walk down the hall and unlock the bathroom doors which are kept locked. We were going for 100 but the smell became too b
    Thanks, but I'll just go in the garbage can.
    Fine, which way to the kitchen?

    Nothing found...

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