Anything is possible with photoshop. Photo manipulation makes even the ugliest people pretty. It's like plastic surgery for pictures. CS5 gives you the powers of a digital picture wizard.

    Apple OS X Snoop Lion
    Olympic Divers on the Toilet
    The Dark Knight Retires
    The Photoshop Cycle of Pug Shirt Man
    Beets by Schrute
    Woman Poorly Photoshopped onto Motorcycle
    12 Pictures of Helicopter Cat on Exciting New Adventures
    Pug Bunny
    Iron Lady Meets Iron Man on Blu-Ray Cover
    Super Jacked Dude Might Not Actually Be That Jacked
    Photoshopped Flex
    Door Chain Lock Puzzle
    Backwards Butt Bikini
    Kool-Aid Man Crashes Into The Shining

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