pickup truck

    "Our last $20, 4000 sticky notes, and 2 1/2 hours= OWNED"
    This guy wins the safety award...
    Redneck swimming pool. Yeehaw, brahs.
    RULES FOR CUTTING YOUR OWN FIREWOOD: 1. Park twice as far from the tree as the tree is tall. 2. It helps to notch the tree away from the truck.3. The fact that you live within driving distance of a forest does not  make you a lumberjack.  4. Jus
    Hey wait a second, Sonny!
    "At his rate of speed, he ran across the ditch, flew into the air, hit the ground in front of this new double wide model home and bounced right through the front door!"
    Filet O' Jesus fish
    Really really drunk driving.
    One more reason to love Africa.

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