Presidents, representatives, senators and mayors help the world turn. Though they don't always make it turn in the direction we want, they do give us the scandals and headlines we need to confirm that democracy and capitalism are so much cooler than dictatorships and communism.

    Sound Bites from Obama's Latest Anti-Romney Ad
    Awaiting Obama's Arrival in Me
    Republican National Convention Snow Day
    Fox Identifies Michael Jordan as "Failed Baseball Player"
    Little Face Mitt Romney
    Help! My Body's Changing: Girl Talk with Todd Akin
    22 Bizarre Photoshops of Paul Ryan
    Drawing of Kanye Mistaken for Obama
    Todd Akin Legitimate Rape Kit
    The Paul Ryan Workout Plan
    Romney in Mom Jeans
    Mitt Romney Looks Like Mayor of Whoville
    Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney Have Never Touched Boobs
    Obama Looks Like He's Holding the Sun

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