Presidents, representatives, senators and mayors help the world turn. Though they don't always make it turn in the direction we want, they do give us the scandals and headlines we need to confirm that democracy and capitalism are so much cooler than dictatorships and communism.

    Ron Paul's Input
    Newt Gingrich Has Old Lady's Nose
    Rick Santorum Gets Glittered
    Obama's Al Green Ringtone
    President Obama sings Al Green: Let's stay together
    Colbert Super Pac: Vote Cain
    Someone Thinks Politician is a Sh*tty Candidate
    C-SPAN Troll Wants to Know Mitt Romney's Penis Size
    Vaglica For Fire Commissioner
    Mitt Romney Offers Rick Perry $10,000 Bet
    Missing Lincoln Statue
    Dubstep is music

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