Presidents, representatives, senators and mayors help the world turn. Though they don't always make it turn in the direction we want, they do give us the scandals and headlines we need to confirm that democracy and capitalism are so much cooler than dictatorships and communism.

    Sarah Palin Upgraded from Insane to Linsane
    Mitt Romney Family Pic Freudian Slip
    Obama Launching Marshmallows
    10 Political Pickup Lines
    Mitt Romney and Young Money
    Hand Endorses Ron Paul in Picture with Obama
    Voting Booth Talks Back
    Science Fair at The White House
    Barack Obama Hulks Out
    Debbie Spend It Now
    Clint Eastwood: It's halftime in America
    Ron Paul Meme
    Spacewoman Hillary
    Polish Parliament Wearing Guy Fawkes Masks
    Newt Gingrich's Moon Base

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