Everyone enjoys a good a prank or practical joke. Everyone, of course, but the person who the gag is being played on.

    Soy Sauce Surprise Prank is Great Way to Lose All Your Friends
    Wet Willy During Proud Moment for the Society of Jesus
    Shower Prank Gone WRONG
    The Best of Jeep's Hacked Twitter
    Ordering a Salad with Every Topping Prank
    21 & Over: Prank Your Bro Contest
    Old Prospector Prank
    Kid Hiding in Car Hood Prank Backfires
    The Troll: January 3, 2013
    Base Jump Troll
    Weightlifting Mouse Prank
    Lepreclown Scare
    Gift-Wrapped Dorm Room
    Lady's Snowman Scare Reaction
    The Troll: December 20, 2012

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