From saran wrapped toilets to scaring the pants off of people to shaving cream in the hand, we've got all the classics. We've got funny pranks and pranks gone horribly wrong. Remember: if you're not doing the pranking you're probably the prankee. We're 99% positive that's a word, btw.

    "This is revenge we got on a boy who penny-locked us in."
    "This is what happens at an engineering school when the guys next door are loud at 3 AM with the door open.  We did this and picked the lock to the telephone and electricity disconnect and shut them off - no more music."
    "It's safe to say that this kid didn't get much sleep."
    Creepy office prank.
    The office desk of THE FUTURE!
    "The power of Christ compelled us"
    "Before the Harvard-Yale football game a band of daring Yale students donned red shirts labeled 'Harvard Pep Squad' and placed thousands of sheets of red and white construction paper on the Harvard bleachers."
    "2400 post-its say you won't saran wrap my car again."

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