From saran wrapped toilets to scaring the pants off of people to shaving cream in the hand, we've got all the classics. We've got funny pranks and pranks gone horribly wrong. Remember: if you're not doing the pranking you're probably the prankee. We're 99% positive that's a word, btw.

    "2400 post-its say you won't saran wrap my car again."
    "It's amazing what you can do with PVC, paper mach
    "The foreign exchange student across the hall didn't understand the concept of knocking, so we gave him a lesson." (I hope this was his knob that you pube'd, otherwise, it just wouldn't make sense.)
    funniest/smelliest costume ever
    "This night put a whole new meaning to trashed"
    "Why you should always lock your door at college."
    "Unlocked car + 7 trash bags full of paper shreadings"

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