From saran wrapped toilets to scaring the pants off of people to shaving cream in the hand, we've got all the classics. We've got funny pranks and pranks gone horribly wrong. Remember: if you're not doing the pranking you're probably the prankee. We're 99% positive that's a word, btw.

    Penn & Teller's Cruel Tricks for Dear Friends...  some guy in Olympia covered his friend's entire house in aluminum foil except for that Penn & Teller book.  they even covered loose change.  (picture 1 of 2)
    "We decided to help our jewish friend celebrate xmas by taking all the light up santas,snowmen, reindeer, etc. in town and put them on his lawn.  His mom threatened to call the cops the next day."
    Making sure my suitemate got the weekly memo...
    "Another picture of john coming back to his room at UConn"
    "When my roommate left for the weekend, I started to super glue a few cans to his desk.  263 Cans two and a half tubes of liquid nails, and 4 things of superglue later we have his whole desk covered, burying everything!"
    "He really did walk into it!"

    Nothing found...

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