"We were driving back from UC Davis and the beer from the night before didn't sit well with the Mexican food for breakfast. After he threw up all over himself on the freeway I asked him if we needed to pull over. He replied, 'naw its all good.' Thirty min
    Her mind looks like it's somewhere else.
    For a lot of us, the idea of an auditorium full of people applauding while we vomit is just a dream. For this So You Think You Can Dance contestant, that dream came true.
    Rules were made to be broken...
    "You meet some interesting people at bars. Just look at this guy, who we had just met and paid $30 to eat the puke and piss in the backed up bathroom sink." (gross)
    Hey buddy, here's $75. This is going to be a messy one.
    He's marking his territory. With puke.

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